TEAMS have specialist knowledge of kitchen extract systems. These systems can become a serious fire hazard


A fire damper survey is the first step towards achieving fire damper compliance. The survey will identify all the fire dampers located in your building. This usually involves a physical inspection of your site, using any schematics or plans of the site you may already have.

Subsequently, there will be a fire damper inspection, where TEAMS will ascertain the following:

  • Whether each damper matches that on the schematic or plan, if you have one
  • Whether each damper is corroded or damaged
  • Whether each damper has any obstruction or impediment preventing closure
  • Whether each damper has been correctly installed

All dampers will then be drop tested. Compliance necessitates that fire damper testing is carried out annually. BS 9999:2017 states that all fire dampers are ‘to be tested by a competent person on completion of installation and at annual intervals. Spring-operated fire dampers should be tested annually and fire dampers situated in dust-laden and similar atmospheres should be tested much more frequently’.

We will provide a comprehensive report, including photographs of all your fire dampers, and details of any necessary remedial works.


TEAMS provides the following services:

  • Fire damper surveys
  • Fire damper inspections
  • Fire damper drop testing
  • Fire damper replacement and remedial works
  • Detailed photographic report confirming your compliance